Who we are

The two owners live in Sosua and Cabarete and are from the USA. We are retired and wanted to be near the beach. So we decided to be as close to the prettiest beach in the Dominican Republic and open up a Mexican Food Restaurant right on Sosua Playa. But.....we wanted to do something special and a cut-above all the other restaurants and that is why we completely rebuilt our entire Caseta #107. From the floor to the roof and all points in between. We added a new beautiful bathroom and shower and we actually have hot water! But, we also wanted to make sure the cooking was done in a sanitary kitchen and that all food temperatures were kept in strict accordance with accepted culinary practices. Finally, we strive to keep our items as close to the original Mexican recipe as possible. We try to give you Great Authentic Mexican Food, Super Service and a Beach setting that is gorgeous. Come see for yourself!

night life in sosua with safe transportation

El Toro Negro is open until you leave. We have beautiful lighting, Free Wi-Fi, Awesome Music, two 60" Flat Screen TVs with HD Cable, a Full Bar and a Kitchen that will stay as late as you want. Oh....did I mention a beautiful bay with waves and beach that never closes? You can park on the street and walk down the stairs or you can park in the parking lot. Call us ahead and we will drive our 8 passenger golf cart and meet you and, when you are through and just cannot have anymore enjoyment, the cart will take you back to your car.


People are always asking is their a night life on Sosua Playa? Yes there is when you want it. Don't settle for the flat sands and endless bar after bar after bar "scene" of Cabarete when you can have true beauty and freedom from all the drunks and endless vendors hitting you up to buy stuff. Call ahead and we will stay open as long as you desire.

Certified Pure Water & Solar Power

We have 80% solar panel generated electricity and we are the only restaurant, along with our sister restaurant El Velero, on the beach to have  100% Certified Pure & Safe water by, and in partnership with, EcoServe. That means all food, fruit & vegetables are washed with safe potable water. The DR has much to offer but safe water is not one of the things and it is super important that you always take-in safe water. We are proud of our water, the safety of our food and the cleanliness of our kitchen and bathrooms.

Authentic Mexican Food

All of our food comes directly from the original recipes in towns and cities in Mexico. Our food should not to be confused with Mexican Caribbean Style or Tex-Mex, it is truly Mexican Cuisine or Comida Mexicana. Though all of our menu items are each pleasing to the pallet, we have two signature dishes, they are:

  • Ceviche - From the coastal fishing town of Vera Cruz we get our Ceviche recipe which includes lobster, shrimp and fish cooked in lime juice with traditional seasonings. It is pure protein and is served with freshly made tortilla chips. Some Ceviches are red as they use a tomatoe base. Ours is clear and you can literally drink the juice left at the end. It's so good!!
  • Tacos al Pastor- Originating out of Mexico City, the history behind this tasty delight is truly interesting. The method of cooking “Tacos al Pastor” actually comes from Lebanon. It’s inspired by Shawarma! Lebanese immigrants moved to the Mexico City area in the early 1900s and they brought their famous technique of spit-roasted meat, primarily lamb, with them. The English translation of "al pastor" is “in the style of the shepherd.” Mexican shepherds adapted the Lebanese style of spit-roasting lamb, using pork instead, and "Tacos al Pastor" became a beloved Mexican food the world over. They are made from thin strips of pork that have been marinated in spices and chiles and then stacked onto a long spit called a "Trompo". As the meat cooks, the outside layer gets crispy from exposure to the heat. We shave off the outer layers of meat and place that into white corn mini-tortillas and add sliced pineapple, onion and cilantro. Add a squeeze of lemon and you are in heaven...You really must try them!
  • Burritos - Our recipe comes from Northern Mexico and, more specifically, from the town of Juarez. Everything started in Juarez (Chihuahua) during the Mexican Revolution in 1910 with a man called Juan Mendez. He had a small food business and to keep the food warm he created a big tortilla to roll the food in it and wrapped it with a napkin. When his "tortilla rolls" actually started selling in the southern USA, the enterprising Juan decided to get a donkey to carry the food and cross the Rio Bravo to the United States so he could sell and satisfy the demand of his clients in that country. In Spanish a donkey is translated as burro, hence.....Burrito!. Everyday people would wait impatiently for the “burrito” to enjoy Juan’s specialty. Now, you do not have to wait as El Toro Negro has duplicated Juan's Burrito with three versions: "Burrito Gordo" (the Gut-Buster),  Burrito El Diablo de Churrasco and the Chimichanga.
  • Enchiladas - You cannot call yourself a Mexican Restaurant, if you do not make Enchiladas.
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