• El Toro Negro delivers during all hours we are open.
  • There is a minimum order of $850.00 RD plus 18%.
    • At the present, credit cards can only be accepted at the physical restaurant, so all payments to the driver must be made in cash. Please let us know what size bills you will paying with so we may have the correct change.
  • We do not charge a delivery fee.
  • Driver tips are not required but are very appreciated.
  • All orders are packaged to maintain freshness and warmth of the food and, in the case of Ceviche, to keep it cool and fresh.
  • We deliver food to all areas within the cities of Sosua & Cabarete, including, Sea Horse Ranch, Perla Marina, Casa Linda, El Choco, La Mulata, Sosua Abajo, Kite Beach, Playa Encuentro, Viva Wyndym Tangerine, Ahnvee Resort, Victoria House, Las Canas, Lomas Mironas & Casa Nelson.
  • We also deliver to Hotels without delivery charges. Here are just some of the hotels we have delivered too:

Food Delivery Hotels
Grand Laguna Beach
Hotel Casa Vientiuno
Sosua Sunrise
Sosua By the Sea
Casa Valeria
Infinite Blu
Sosua by the Sea
Hispaniola Beach
Coral Blanco
Ahnvee Resorts
Victorian House

  • For orders in Playa Dorado, we require a minimum $4,500.00 RD order.
  • We have a full bar and can also deliver all non-alcohol and alcohol drinks including beer, margaritas, wine, etc.
  • Expected wait time is +/-50 minutes from the time your order is called into the restaurant and depending upon your location and weather conditions, that can vary for up to 20 minutes either way. Obviously, if you call in early and desire your food delivered at a certain time, that works out best for all!

Delivered FREE to Your Front Door!!!

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Delivery de Comida en Sosua y Cabarete

Home Delivered Mexican Food Sosua & Cabarete

Catering Weddings, Catering Parties & All Occasions in Sosua or Cabarete

  • El Toro Negro has all the necessary plates, glasses, silverware and food warming equipment to beautifully supply your weddings, parties and get togethers with any items on our menu for up to sixty persons.
  • Call us to discuss. We will tailor your menu to your budget!